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Transaction clearance and debt collection

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ETCO operates in the field of debt collection according to professional standards under a legal umbrella with extensive expertise in debt recovery. Our vast legal experience in debt collection covers criminal law applicability in the events of bounced cheques, trust receipts and bonds or others, as well as the rules of civil law represented in financial claims and financial liability before third parties, as well as the rules of trade law, administrative law and other applicable laws to debt collection.

Debt collection services and benefits

The collection services department at ETCO operates as a debt collection agency and as a law firm specializing in debt collection. Our approach is based on providing comprehensive services to collect clients ’debts and are in line with the specific needs of their business, and we take into account the future of the clients’ relations with their debtors during the collection process. ETCO is committed to a very professional approach when asking our clients' customers to pay their debts and dues through a team of debt collectors and lawyers.

Debt collection services allow our clients to quickly recover debts owed to them. ETCO’s collectors are obligated to collect debts in a manner that is done professionally and expeditiously.

Public services / government transactions

ETCO seeks the convenience of its clients and aims at facilitating all their government transactions including, but not limited to, issuing a national ID card/ birth certificate/marriage contract/divorce certificate/ passport and other related government transactions. We also provide legal consultation, certification and processes for all foreign communities in Egypt.

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