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International arbitration, dispute resolution, IP rights and patent protection

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International arbitration

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of non-court methods for settling disputes, as a result of clients and consultants seeking to follow fast, less expensive and less adversarial methods of settling disputes. Therefore, lawyers have increasingly played the role of mediators and arbitrators in the mediation or arbitration cases attached to the courts and as a neutral third party in conducting early evaluation of disputes while upholding the impartiality values in the decision-making process.

Arbitration has become the best method for settling disputes that arise from or related to any commercial transaction. However, arbitration procedures are not a feasible option unless clients' rights are assigned to lawyers with experience in the field of dispute and are presented by an elite of specialized and legally accredited arbitration consultants. ETCO provides legal advice and support to our clients, and we are equipped with the necessary negotiation management skills to reach the optimal solution.

Intellectual property

Our IP team specializes in all matters related to intellectual and technical property, including contracts, owning, exploiting or licensing intellectual property, and the team has extensive experience in identifying various rights and how to optimally utilize and protect them in the Middle East, North Africa and around the world. The intellectual property team also resolves disputes related to the violation and misuse of intellectual property rights, whether through litigation, arbitration or mediation, and the team represents the plaintiff or the defendant alike.

Subject-matter expertise include:

Publishing and copyrights

Patent infringement issues

Research and development agreements

Licenses for patents, technologies, joint technology companies and technology transfers

Trade names, trademarks, trade licenses, service marks and domain names

Confidential information, information subject to intellectual property rights and trade secrets

Registered and unregistered design rights

Literary rights

Protection of intellectual property rights in international markets

Litigation over intellectual property rights

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