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Legal consultation and representation

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Litigation and pleading in all branches of law:

Civil disputes

Commercial disputes

Criminal cases

Administrative and State Council Disputes

Family affairs, personal and civil status disputes

Government disputes

Arbitration matters

Labour disputes

Legal procedures related to real estate, documentation and registration

Investment disputes

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Corporate Formation and Restructuring

Companies act and international trade services

The office caters to all the needs of our clients from establishing companies, entering into contracts, registering and offering them to amendment and liquidation of their contracts and other related works.

ETCO works in the field of establishing companies in all its forms, whether individual companies (limited partnerships - partnership) or stock corporations (joint-stock - limited liability – limited shares partnership), as well as amending companies' contracts and procedures for their registration and dealing with the commercial registry, chambers of commerce and industry, the tax authority, real estate and the General Investment Authority.

ETCO guides its clients to the legal methods and rules that govern their activities in order to avoid the hazards that may impact their businesses or subject them to legal accountability. We also have a distinguished group of legal accountants with tax experts who provide financial and tax advice and monthly financial declarations such as (VAT declarations), budgets and annual declarations.

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Preparing, drafting and translating contracts

The office includes a team specialized in preparing, drafting and reviewing all types of legal contracts and translating them to and from Arabic in countless language pairs. The contracts in which the office specializes include, but not limited to, selling or renting, corporate contracts, partnership contracts and agreements in a way that preserves the rights of our clients and avoids legal gaps and loopholes that may harm them, by informing the customer of the legal meaning of each clause of the contract and the resulting rights and duties.

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Personal status counselling and family courts

We have the most appropriate ways to try to solve any of the disputes related to family relations, whether through negotiation or litigation in cases of divorce, khola’ (court ordered divorce), fault-based divorce, alimony, and so on in related cases.

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Criminal cases counselling

We provide consulting and representation services before public prosecutors and criminal courts in Egypt and abroad.

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Other legal consultation and advise

ETCO provides legal consultation and advise in administrative disputes, state council and military justice lawsuits and provides representation before all courts of the state.

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