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For more than fifteen years, El Tahawy & Co has maintained its distinguished position among the leading regional institutions in the legal and financial services business and has provided its clients; including individuals, companies, institutions, and authorities, with distinguished packages of legal, financial and tax consultation.

Main Services

Legal consultation and representation

Litigation and pleading in all branches of law, Corporate Formation and Restructuring, Preparing, drafting and translating contracts, Personal status counselling and family courts -and- Criminal cases counselling.

Financial, Accounting and Tax Services

ETCO provides tax advice to individuals and companies from the public and private sectors, including but not limited to Accounting and financial services, Tax services.

Arbitration and IP rights

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of non-court methods for settling disputes, as a result of clients and consultants seeking to follow fast, less expensive and less adversarial methods of settling disputes.

Transaction clearance and debt collection

ETCO operates in the field of debt collection according to professional standards under a legal umbrella with extensive expertise in debt recovery.

Research services and legal training

ETCO offers a special department for legal research and studies in various branches of law and organizes and holds seminars and legal events.

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